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    Moldabela, is an important carpet producer of machine made woven Wool, Heat-set, Frise, Acryl, Poliester and BCF carpets. Equipped with modern technologies the factory produces an impressive quantity of carpets. Moldabela is the follower of Covoare Ungheni factory that was founded in 1980. Being the follower of a factory that has a great history and experience encouraged Moldabela to opt for permanent quality improvement.


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    • The Moldabela rugs are made from premium quality, long-lasting wool, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The fiber is extremely resistant and has elastic properties which significantly reduce unaesthetic traces from furniture or footprints.
    • These beautifully designed wool rugs contain organic oil traces which provide a natural resilience to stains and dirt. They are an excellent solution for allergy prevention, as they avoid the circulation of dust particles and keep them trapped inside the fibers, while at the same time absorbing moisture from the air and helping control the atmosphere inside your house.
    • The wool fiber is an excellent insulator, preserving heat in your floors during winter and keeping them cool in the summer. Much more energy efficient than synthetics, these wool rugs are eco-friendly and extremely easy to clean.
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  • Production activity is furnished with modern equipment: SCHÖNHERR, VAN DE WIELLE, Cognetex, Schlumberger

  • 5 mln

    Production capacity, sqm/year

    190 people


    11 ha

    Production area

    100 km

    Distance from Chisinau

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  • Distribution all over the world

    We sell our products in more than 40 countries and we are all known for our flexibility and quality products.  We sell residential carpets and also we sell carpets for premises with commercial destination. Moldabela are in continuous growth and our aim is to establish a fundamental growth every year in new markets.







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